Welcome to a Summer in Hell

Told you so

Welcome to a Summer in Hell
Photo by James Lee / Unsplash

Texas and the surrounding states are under a massive heat dome right now. People are dying and temperatures are forecast to get hotter. The best part (sarcastically)? We’re not even into the thick of the summer.

begunI’m tired of writing about climate change and how it’s going to destroy this livable planet, so I’ve stopped writing so much about it. I got tired of warning people about “fucking around” and now they’re going to “find out”.

We’re going to find out as El Niño starts to kick in now and temperatures around the world continue to break records. The oceans are the warmest they’ve ever been across the world and North Atlantic is well outside its two standard deviation bands. It’s in anomalous territory.

© ClimateReanalyzer.org
© ClimateReanalyzer.org

Anomalies are typically a handful of observations but when you have anomalous data point every year it means your model is off and what I’m seeing in these charts is frightening. We went off the rails somewhere in 2015.

The sad thing is that this will keep going even if we, as a world, make a pivot away from pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but we won’t.

We won’t do a damn thing until some Senator’s kid or billionaire’s wife gets killed from extreme temperature. We’re not going to give a shit about massive crop failures as long as the 1% has enough food to eat.

It’s going to be too late by the time we collectively give a shit and change our ways.

I’ve written about this before but start preparing. We need to weather the storm. Find your tribe of people and co-locate together. Learn to grow food in sustainable ways. Learn to jar and shelf-stabilize food. Keep an emergency plan ready for your family and loved ones.

Above all, shirk off an Amazon-fueled capitalistic life and vote out all politicians that enable the polluters. There’s still time to save a lot of this world but the time grows short.