Sell Your Beachfront Property NOW!

The doomsday glacier is real

Sell Your Beachfront Property NOW!
Photo by Clint Patterson / Unsplash

I’m reissuing a warning, this time you should sell your beachfront property before it’s too late. The ocean will rise an estimated 1.6 feet if the vast Thwaites Glacier melts. That melting could start a negative feedback loop that will destabilize more glaciers and raise the waters almost 10 feet more.

It’s no wonder they nicknamed it the Doomsday Glacier!

All the beaches we know in the United States will be toast. Miami will be destroyed. Many South Pacific Islands will be gone. The shape of the world we know it will be altered for good.

I’m 52 and I expect this to happen in my lifetime, so buckle up folks.

When I first got married my partner and I spoke of the future. We spoke of having children and going to the beach to make sand castles with them. It was a normal dream that a lot of couples have. We’re lucky to live near the Jersey Shore so we spent many summer days along its pristine shores.

We explored tide pools, rode our bicycles, and ate ice cream on boardwalks. It’s a beautiful place no matter what you believe from Jersey Shore reruns.

Yet it’s a fragile place. It’s a place that nesting birds visit on their flights to and from the northern part of the world. It’s a place where dunes protect the inland areas from vicious Nor’Easters.

It’s a sensitive ecological area that is a marvel, a wonder to behold.

Rising waters will destroy that, it will force floral and fauna to migrate closer inland, closer to people, pollution, and assholes.

You know, the same assholes that hate “ big gubemint rules “ like protecting an endangered bird or plant. They hate it because they need to make money and vote for Trump. They hate it because “Climate Change is a hoax”. They don’t believe that the rising waters will affect them.

They don’t care about a world in balance, one where our shorelines remain as a perfect dream we can all enjoy.

I can’t fathom what a 10-foot ocean level rise would look like. I know that my beloved Jersey Shore will be gone. Billions of dollars of real estate will be destroyed and beach towns abandoned.

Millions of people will migrate to higher ground, not just in the United States but the rest of the world. That’s going to strain and destabilize governments.

More fascist authoritarians will use this calamity to grab power. They’ll say the “failed environmental policies of years ago led to this” and in the same breath say “climate change remains a hoax…cause jobs!”

I hate to say it but the future looks grim. Grimbut NOT written in stone.

There’s still time to cut our emissions, focus on solving the climate crisis, and do the right thing for our flora and fauna.

There’s still time to save this paradise on earth, but the time grows short.