Prepare For The Storm No. 1

New newsletter. Who dis? Has the countdown to extinction begun? Drilling in the Artic? Stop the madness!

Prepare For The Storm No. 1
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Good Sunday morning and welcome to the Prepare For The Storm newsletter. First off, thank you for all your support. When I migrated this site away from Medium over the Thanksgiving weekend I wasn't sure it would make it. On the contrary, it's been a resounding success! Thanks to all of you who came over with me, I couldn't do it without all your thoughtful comments, energy, and support.

The plan for this weekly newsletter is to bring you a summary of articles that I (and future contributors) are reading to help you prepare to fight climate change, live more sustainably, and fight for environmental and social justice.

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Countdown to Extinction

By: Thomas Ott | 633 words | November 23, 2023

Elected leaders prioritize power and control as temperatures hit 2C above pre-industrial levels. Has the countdown to extinction begun?

Countdown to Extinction
As world leaders prioritize power and control over human rights and environmental justice, we’re witnessing a rise in fascist and authoritarian regimes. The countdown to extinction may have already begun.
Global temperatures are hitting 2C above pre-industrial levels and our elected leaders are doing nothing. They're arguing over jobs and supporting Authoritarian leaders and regimes. They blame immigrants, teachers, "the gays", and atheists for all the problems that are plaguing their country.

Fossil fuel corporations are poised for $7 trillion Arctic bonanza

By Rob Waugh For Dailymail.Com | 725 words | November 23, 2023

Let's get this straight. Fossil fuels are the main culprit that are warming the planet and melting sea ice. Melted sea ice is making it accessible to drill in areas with rich fossil fuel deposits. Oil companies, like Exxon Mobil are excited to extract and use those deposits, which in turn will drive more climate change. Madness.

Fossil fuel corporations are poised for $7 trillion Arctic bonanza
A new paper published in the journal Science has warned that melting areas in the Arctic have become ‘frontlines for resource extraction’, describing it as a ‘modern day gold rush’.
Oil giant Exxon Mobil has described the area as 'the most promising and least explored regions for oil'.
Environmental group Greenpeace has said that it is a ‘bitter irony’ that the melting Arctic ice is being seen as a business opportunity rather than the cost of climate change.

Global warming on track for up to 2.9C as greenhouse gases keep rising, UN says

By Kenza Bryan and Steven Bernard  | 619 words | November 21, 2023

I wrote about preparing for a post +2.7C world and it seems that my prediction is off, way off. The odds that we'll meet the target of a +1.5C world are 1 in 7.4, or 14%. At this rate I think we're looking at a +4C world.

Global warming on track for up to 2.9C as greenhouse gases keep rising, UN says
Chances of keeping within 1.5C threshold put at a low 14%
The world now only has a 14 per cent chance of limiting warming to the 1.5C goal, according to UN analysis, even if countries honour all pledges, including weaker conditional promises by developing countries, as well as the non-binding net zero goals.
Fully implementing efforts implied by unconditional national commitments would put the world on track for limiting the temperature rise to 2.9C, while the measures conditional on receiving financial and technical support would lead to temperatures not exceeding 2.5C above pre-industrial levels. These were put at a 66 per cent chance.

Buckle Up. Climate Change Could Destroy Half Our Economies

By Umair  | 2,603 words | September 4, 2023

It's my opinion that climate change is going to wreck economies and it's going to build new economies. The way we grow food and travel will be altered in a post +2C (or greater world). Umair shares with the reader a prediction from the British Institute of Actuaries that our economies could see 50%  GDP destruction somewhere between 2070 and 2090.

Buckle Up. Climate Change Could Destroy Half Our Economies
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Big enough, in fact, that it raises the spectre of Civilizational Risk. Can a civilization survive a hit of 50% to its GDP? Historically, most don't. This order of magnitude is the stuff of very real civilizational collapse. What could cause that level of damage? When, say, an ancient civilization's main source of water dried up, or there was an entire season of droughts or famines, or irrigation simply stopped working, or a crucial resource just ran out. Those are the only real examples we have in all of history of losing 50% of GDP. It's  a colossal, enormous number to us economists—it's so big that it's like saying half your body stops working. Imagine half the economy—gone, just like that, for any civilization. Almost surely a civilization killer.

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