Mother Nature Fights Back With Floods

She’s going to flick us off her body

Mother Nature Fights Back With Floods
Photo by Colby Winfield / Unsplash

Yesterday I took a drive to Sleepy Hollow, NY for work. I was stunned to see the destruction from flooding overnight. Washouts, abandoned cars on the Saw Mill Parkway, and many trees littered the main and side roads. The day before we had severe thunderstorms and torrential downpours. Our phones screamed when we got flood warnings and to expect heavy rain.

Preliminary numbers point to a total of 7.6 inches fell over 6 hours at West Point and in the area. I saw a few TikTok videos of the landslides and destruction. It was insane!

What hit West Point and the surrounding area was a 1,000-year storm event. The probability of a storm like that happening once per year is 1 in 1,000 or 0.1% per year.

© Author & NOAA

My area wasn’t solely affected, there’s been a catastrophic flood across all of New England. The capital of Vermont is underwater too. It feels like Mother Nature wants to drown out the pain she’s feeling. She’ll gladly wash away some of the monkey virus she has if it brings her relief.

Now I’m reading that land surface areas in Spain, the temperature hit 60C! For Fahrenheit lovers, that’s 140 F! On top of that, a heatwave rages across Europe pushing temperatures well into 40C (104F)!

Europe burns, the USA drowns, and ocean waters off Florida are above 90F!

Can we all agree now that something is not right here? Can we all agree that Mother Earth has a fever? She’s infected with a monkey virus. She’s infected with us and her immune system has kicked in.

She’s going to flood, burn, freeze, and blow us off her body. She’s going to starve us by killing off our food supply. She’ll make crops wither and kill off pollinating insects.

And you know what? She’ll pull through. She’ll come out of this infection just fine, changed a bit, but just fine. Some life will survive and begin anew. The balance will be restored once new forests creep in and reclaim our cities. New life will evolve in time and creep across a land littered with our bones and guns.

We’ve tipped and we can’t stop this now. Our only hope is to go back to the way we conducted life in the 1800s, the way it was before we discovered oil and created this greenhouse gas-generating life.

Imagine that? Imagine living in a small cabin and working the land for food. I can’t. 90% of us won’t be able to do that. We’re so dependent on this source of energy that we’re going to be getting Amazon deliveries long after we’re dead from a flood or heat wave.

If there is a God, I ask her to please help us. This is only the beginning. The year 2023 will be remembered as the year when humans peaked. It’s all downhill from here.