It’s The End of The World

And I don’t feel fine, I’m angry

It’s The End of The World
Photo by Nsey Benajah / Unsplash

Happy New Year! Our civilization and most life on this planet are going extinct. It’s the end of the world, as we know it, and I don’t feel fine. I’m quite angry. Don’t believe me, how about a bunch of Stanford scientists?

Here’s a 13-minute 60 Minutes interview of Stanford scientists, other world researchers, and everyday people warning us about the impending collapse.

Salmon fisheries are collapsing. Water resources are collapsing. Floral and fauna are retreating and dying off faster than ever before, 100 times faster than ever from fossil records.

Stanford scientist Paul Erlich is quoted in the interview as saying, “Humanity is very busily sitting on a limb that we’re sawing off.”

He’s right.

We’re living in the sixth extinction event of the planet and we’re the cause. Not a comet, not volcanos, it’s all on us.

I’m part of the problem too

I get it, I’m sitting in my cozy house with all the wonderful amenities of modern life. I have my laptop that was made with mined rare earth minerals. I expect fresh foods delivered to my grocery store from thousands of miles away.

I wrote about it before, but if everyone has an American middle-class way of life in the world, the resources we have on Earth can only sustain 2 billion people. We got four times that amount of people and we’re still growing.

We didn’t just exceed the carrying capacity of this planet by a little bit, we blew right past it by orders of magnitude.

By how much you ask? We need close to 5 earths to sustain the people we have right now, not in 2050 when it’s projected to be even higher.

You and I are a part of an 8 billion people problem. What are we going to do about it? Kill 6 billion people? Not a chance.


My God, why am I so angry at this? I’ve tried my hardest to do the right thing for my family, for my town, and for my community.

My partner and I work hard to bring our own bags and go zero waste. We recycle and plant more native species around our yard. We family planned and I got myself snipped.

I put my money where my mouth is and got involved in my town. I helped review open space reports and grants. I’ve chaired the environmental committee. I’ve sat on governmental boards for nearly 20 years! I give hours of my life every month to “hold the line” and I’m tired boss, so damn tired.

I went to the Mayor and Council (M&C) reorganization meeting last night. A new councilman remarked that he wanted to get involved in the community at age 15 because he attended a M&C meeting and saw 7 people (men) make decisions for 10,000 people.

While I like the guy, he’s in my spot. I ran for that council seat in the primary last June. I lost because MAGA took over the town.

No matter what my friends and I do, it never gains traction. The masses of humans that have this level of comfort don’t want change. They actively pursue more consumption and couldn’t give two shits about others. They live on the “Fuck you Jack, I got mine” moral compass.

End of the world

Guess what? We’re seeing the beginning of the end. We’ll all be dead by the time the masses of humans panic and realize there’s no food, no clean water, and they’re all burning to death in a 50C climate.

Well, I have a message for you Jack, you lost and don’t even know it yet. The end game started decades ago and the number of chances to fix our mistakes is dwindling fast.

That’s why I’m screaming from the rooftops, “STOP! DO NOT PASS GO!” Call me a doomer or call me a liberal commie, I don’t care.

I’m making my voice loud and clear and I don’t care who I offend.