Heat Dome Is Killing People Right Now

Climate change deniers please move to Texas

Heat Dome Is Killing People Right Now
Photo by Craig Manners / Unsplash

I will be the first to not wish ill will or harm on my fellow human beings but I do want climate change deniers to move to Texas and tell me that it’s not real. The heat dome over Texas and other southern US states is smashing temperature records and it’s killing people: postal service workersprison inmates, and random people.

Friends, this is not a drill. That time was in the late 1990s when the first peer-reviewed and accepted climate change papers issued the warning. Thirty years have passed and we did nothing from an economic or policy standpoint. We passed feel-good agreements like the Paris Climate Accord but so far, nothing’s been done to stop this madness. We’re running out of time to make a pivot that can limit the damage.

Yes, limit the damage.

You see, the climate change train has left the station and it’s accelerating. We have a small window of time to “cut the power” and let it coast itself back to equilibrium. Even if we stop pumping greenhouse gases into the air today we’re going to still see warming ocean water, extinction of floral and fauna, and sea level rises.

My children and if I have grandchildren will see a world where coastal cities are underwater, the collapse of southwest towns and cities due to heat, and most likely the migration of millions of humans out of the Goldilocks climate zone.

Global warming is disrupting humanity’s ‘Goldilocks zone’ on Earth » Yale Climate Connections
But every tenth of a degree of global warming that society can avoid will keep conditions ‘just right’ for over 100 million people, a new study shows.

If you're living in the Middle East, India, or parts of Africa, you’re going to be dying from 50C heat. Yes, 50C heat. That’s half of the way to boiling water! We humans, floral and fauna, are not cut out for this heat and humans will start to migrate to cooler climates.

Plants? Animals? Most of them won’t adjust or have air conditioning. They’ll die. They’ll go extinct.

Imagine India, the most populous country in the world, migrating 10% of its population north or to cooler regions. That would destabilize adjacent countries and cause war, famine, and a host of other problems.

You can call me an alarmist but really this is sentinel intelligence. I can put together many moving pieces of data and see potential outcomes. There’s no outcome that I see that points to a cooling world. All I see is death and destruction.

Yet, I do see one glimmer of hope. It’s us. It’s the public that’s waking up to this. It’s the Extinction Rebellion. It’s the Greta Thunbergs of the world. It’s all of us on from Medium or Substack who are spreading the word. It’s the climate change skeptics who hopefully will change their tune now that Texas has become the hottest place on Earth.

My message for all the fossil fuel executives, all the deniers, and all the 1%’ers and politicians is this: it’s coming and you can’t hide from it.

You can’t hide in your air-conditioned rooms when people are dying from just being outside. You can’t hide in your bunkers when the world destabilizes and expect your hired guards to protect you — word to wise, they’ll kill you. You can’t eat your money when there is no food.

If you can’t see that climate change is the most pressing issue for the survival of our world then you’re lost and need to move to Texas and have your air conditioning disconnected.

Then tell me there’s no climate change happening.