Let’s Talk About The Future World

Living in a +2.7 C world. The future is frightening

Let’s Talk About The Future World
Photo by Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash

Data shows that the world will not stop warming at 1.5 C, instead, it’ll warm higher to 2.7 C if we cut all emissions now. The problem is, we’re not going to stop there because we won’t take it seriously until we hit that average 1.5 C warming temperature. By the time we act, we’ll probably end up around +4 C.

I’ll be dead by that time so who cares, right?

The world I will leave behind for my children will be different from the one I inherited from my parents. I hope my children are smart enough not to have children of their own because they’re going to live in a future world that will be on fire.

Given the gap between countries’ actual commitments and the emissions cuts required to keep temperatures to 1.5 C, it appears practically impossible to stay within the 1.5 C goal.  via WFMZ

Parts of the world last year saw record summer temperatures before El Niño formed again. These once-in-a-lifetime record temperatures have become the norm, so expect more droughts and deaths.

Prepare for famines and more war as the world destabilizes and authoritarians grab more power. The die had been cast a long time ago, and we’re well on the road to global collapse if Bird Flu doesn’t get us there sooner.

Things in the world look grim but all is not lost. Surviving in the future is going to take preparation, smart thinking, and sticking together.

I suspect we’ll see a biblical-level famine coming as El Niño ramps up next year. The war in Ukraine will continue to disrupt the planting and harvesting of food from the breadbasket of Europe. Coupled with the fact that El Niño will generate extreme droughts, Europe and other parts of the world are going to see food shortages. China, which imports a lot of food is going to feel the pinch.

The United States will be ok for a while until we start having massive droughts in our breadbasket. We’ll stop exporting food and focus on selling it at home for inflated prices. If you think eggs are expensive now, just wait a year or two. You’ll have to take out a second mortgage just to get eggs.

There will be riots and more people will become food insecure. Now is the time for you, yes you, to find your tribe of people and organize. Why? Because power and safety is in numbers.

Let all the nutbags shoot each other dead playing militia and rugged individualist. Let them worry about roaming bands and gangs coming for their stuff. One or two against twenty or more will never survive.

Instead, form your own gang. Form your own collective of people working together to grow food, build, and protect each other. You’re going to need doctors, engineers, builders, homemakers, farmers, and everyone you can get your hand on to stick together and ride this hell on earth out.

The future world will be changed and burning. There will be mass extinctions of plants, animals, and insects. Our food systems will start to fail and with it, our population. I anticipate another nasty pandemic that will lay waste to a big swath of our population.

I’m not being a gloom and doomer over here, but this is real. We’re seeing this unfold in front of our eyes. You can’t deny the extreme weather. You can’t deny the War in Ukraine. You can’t deny El Niño. You can’t deny how stupid some of our citizens were during the COVID pandemic. You can’t deny how we consume like mindless people.

The odds are increasing every day that we’ll collapse, it’s just a question of what will be the final straw.

You have to ask yourself, are you prepared? Are you ready?