The Free Market Goes Both Ways

Workers shouldn't take anymore crap and hang in there

The Free Market Goes Both Ways
Photo by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa / Unsplash

I love how the big bankers and the elite are howling about “how no one wants to work anymore” and that labor costs too much these days. Good. They should suffer and then some. It was through their shenanigans that we got the 2000 dot com bust, the 2007/2008 real estate implosion, and quantitative easing.

They’ve been manipulating the economy to keep extracting wealth and assets from Main Street for decades. In the old days, right after the Great Depression, they were restrained by laws and the Glass-Stegal Act. Then, over the years they lobbied to get rid of those safeguards because “the market is self-regulating.”

Yeah right, I call bullshit.

The Federal Reserve (Fed) is panicking about the low employment rates and high wage rates because it means more inflation. After all those rate hikes, they haven’t been able to break inflation’s back.

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Food and energy costs are still very high and companies are freaking out because workers are refusing to work in shitty conditions anymore and demanding more pay.

Guess what bitches? The Free Market works both ways!

A structural change has occurred in our economy that for the first time since Reagan has put the odds in the worker’s favor.

Here’s why.

We lost many people during COVID to early retirement and death. Those people have removed themselves from the workforce. Every day more and more Boomers are retiring too. Younger workers are redesigning the workplace and moving more often to better-paying jobs. They’re not doing the shit jobs anymore.

The Fed sees the problem as the younger workers. They forget all the price gouging and record profits that were made by companies because that’s the free market to them. They’re confused as to why younger workers wouldn’t want to work in shitty jobs for low pay?

How dare the younger workers ask for more pay and benefits?

How dare they jump around from job to job, walk out of interviews, and push back?

How dare the “slaves” revolt.

Younger workers don’t give a shit anymore because they realize that they’re on the other side of the free market. They realize that careers are a myth and all you’re really doing is selling your time and expertise to someone so they can build/sell their products or services.

Why shouldn’t you get top dollar for your effort and labor? After all the company is trying to sell at top dollar. You should always maximize your shareholder wealth. You are your own shareholder and pay yourself dividends!

Workers need to hold on a little longer to break the Fed and company’s backs. They need to quit if their company mandates them back to the office. They need to talk to one another about their pay rates (this is Federally protected in the USA) to make sure women and other workers aren’t underpaid for the same position.

They should continue to job-hop because loyalty is a two-way street. If they don’t give you loyalty, you don’t have to give it back. You have to think of yourself as a ruthless business and go where the profit is.

Organize your labor and form unions. Call OSHA if they make you do dangerous and illegal things. Take all your breaks and get paid for every minute you’re on the job. Don’t let them exploit you any longer. Hell, my friend used to purposely shit on company time because he got joy out of being paid for that.

The Fed is scared because the labor in this country is revolting. They’ve woken up from the bullshit dream that’s been sold to them for decades. They understand the traps that were sprung on their parents and they won’t fall for them anymore.

Stand strong and don’t give in, they’re trying desperately to sway public opinion by making up buzzwords like “quiet quitting” or “resenteeism.”

They’re desperately trying to break your backs because it will help them keep you as economic slaves.

Don’t let them. Stand strong and control the narrative now. Things will only get better if we stick together.