Exit Stage Left For Humanity

Our final curtain call is coming if we don't heed the warnings.

Exit Stage Left For Humanity
Photo by simon peel / Unsplash

I don’t write about these topics in a light way. I write about them to warn and to mobilize us. The “human show” on life’s stage is about to be cut short and the final curtain call of our civilization will come crashing down. It’s a matter of time before we’ll be asked to exit stage left. The question is, do we bow gracefully and move on or do we fight kicking and screaming?

I say we fight kicking and screaming.

My partner and I used to watch “The Deadliest Catch” when we had a television and cable. We’d put our toddlers to bed and spend quality time together watching these fishermen brave the crazy weather and huge waves. If they were lucky they’d catch huge King Crabs and make a ton of money for all their dangerous work.

I think the show appealed to us because we love to forage. We mushroom hunt, we dig for clams, and we love to go crabbing. Are we particularly good at it? That depends, we’ve had hits and a lot of misses.

Foraging and finding food is hard. I fully understand why humans moved from hunters and gatherers to farmers. Instead of chasing or catching your food, you just grow it next to where you live.

Technology has made finding and growing food much easier and more productive. We are very bountiful if you have money, our cup overfloweth but maybe not for much longer

I was shocked to read that Alaska has canceled its Snow Crab season. The reason why? The Snow Crab population has been decimated, and only 10% of the population seems to remain.

What’s the likely reason for their disappearance? Warming marine waters due to climate change.

I often wonder what kind of world and future my children will have. I’m likely not to have grandchildren because my offspring already feel the “heat” of a world in trouble. My daughter is pretty upset at the loss of her medical privacy for her reproductive rights and my son is very resource conscious.

As a family, we talk about these things. Our conversations range from deep and philosophical to silly and fun, just as they should be in every family. My partner and I pride ourselves in raising critical-thinking, kind, and intelligent offspring that will be armed to fend for themselves when the time comes.

On a trip out to the southwest this summer my daughter posed a question. She asked, “Which of us would die first if we were in a survival scenario?”

We all got quiet and I spoke first. I said, “None of us.”

“That’s right Dad! We’d all work together to survive.

She’s right. We all need to work together to survive. We all need to band together and form a true life raft. We all need to change our ways before we collapse.

There’s still time. We can all make changes. We all can eat less meat, walk more, and ride a bicycle down to the store to buy eggs.

I’m not saying ditch the car but reframe our need for it. There are four of us in the family, we don’t need four cars. Two works just fine, we can share.

We can block out using the car on the family calendar, thank you very much.

We can all consume less and buy less crap from Amazon. We grow a small garden and learn to preserve food. We all can do something every day to lower our environmental and carbon footprints.

I believe this.

I believe we can have an encore for humanity.